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2. Manipulate the Fischer projection so this hydroxyl group is on the bottom. 3. Draw the Haworth projection so that the ring oxygen is on the top. For pyranoses, draw the six-membered ring laying on it side with a oxygen at the upper right. 4. Substituents on the right side of the Fischer projection will be on the bottom face of the Haworth ... Established in 1978, our general practice law firm handles non-litigation matters such as contracts, real estate sales, leases, business entity formation and management, and trust establishment and management. Newman & Newman, P.C. can also help you with: General civil and criminal practice before state and federal courts National Gallery of Art Blurred Identities: The Art and Audience of Lynching Photography Terence Washington, departments of academic programs and modern art, National Gallery of Art Between the late 19th and the mid-20th centuries, white Americans conducted thousands of lynchings, using these extrajudicial killings to intimidate non-whites and mete out what they considered to be justice. leah4sci.com/newman-projections/ Presents: Newman Projection to Bond-Line Notation Trick - No model kit required! Newman Projections - Anti, Gauche, Staggered, Eclipsed Energy Diagrams...